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Food Licensing: Evergreen Announces Launch of MoonPie Snack Puffs

The legendary MoonPie is going miniature in the form of Snack Puffs, thanks to a deal with Evergreen Licensing.

MoonPies have been a snacking staple for an amazing 105 years, making them one of the most venerable snack foods in America.

Now, collaborating with Chattanooga Bakery and their long-term Licensing Agency, Lisa Marks Associates, Inc. (LMA), Evergreen Licensing has extended the brand into the fast-growing extruded snack category.

“We are very proud to work with the team at MoonPie to create this perfect extension to their iconic brand and we look forward to introducing MoonPie Snack Puffs into the retail market this month,” Bruce Friedman, CEO of Evergreen Licensing. “We would like to thank the team at Lisa Marks Associates for their support and efforts in allowing us to secure this opportunity.”

MoonPies have been around for a very long time. Chattanooga Bakery was founded in 1902 as a subsidiary of the Mountain City Flour Mill. A fifth generation, family-owned business, the company made nearly 100 snack cake and cookie items under the Lookout trademark, named after the popular residential and tourist community near Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain.

In 1917, after a brainstorming conversation between a bakery salesman and some Appalachian coal miners, the MoonPie was born, and by the late 1930s the MoonPie was the bakery’s top seller, a spot it still occupies. Today, more than 1 million MoonPies are produced and shipped daily from Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Bakery’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Tory Johnson, said the company is thrilled to see its iconic brand expanding as a new type of snack food.

“We are very excited to be working with Evergreen Licensing who shares our vision of extending MoonPie into the extruded snack category in a way that complements and maintains the trusted history of MoonPie,” Johnson said. “We are thrilled to support this new launch and believe that extruded Snack Puffs are a contemporary, fun and delicious way to extend the MoonPie brand.”
The team at Evergreen Licensing has over 30 years of experience in brand licensing and manufacturing. Evergreen Licensing’s core expertise is to identify leading national brands and extend those brands into new and innovative categories.

The company has worked with several popular licenses across multiple categories including Dippin’ Dots, Hostess Brands, Corona Beer, Dubble Bubble, Nickelodeon, Angry Birds, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Lassie, Peanuts, Power Rangers, Barbasol and PureSilk, among others.

Lisa Marks, founder and president of LMA, said she was impressed by the innovative application of the MoonPie brand in a new format.

“It is a pleasure to work with the expert team at Evergreen Licensing in the creation and development of the MoonPie Snack Puffs,” she said. “We are always looking to extend the iconic and beloved MoonPie brand into new and innovative product formats that complement the core product and that allow consumers to enjoy MoonPie in new and tasty ways. MoonPie Snack Puffs are a terrific example of that.”