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Helinox and Finisterre Produce Sustainable Camp Chair

Two outdoorsy brands have come together to create a new, sustainable line of collapsible camp furniture.
Partners Finisterre and Helinox say they wanted to create a line of products for people who both love being out in nature, and want to protect the environment.
Finisterre is a pioneering, sustainable outdoor apparel brand born from a love of cold water surfing, and Helinox is the world leader in the design of lightweight collapsible camp furniture.
This week they jointly launched a collaboration based on a shared appreciation of sitting and watching the natural world go by, and the desire to create long-lasting, sustainable outdoor products from exceptional materials.

The result of the partnership is a lightweight, sustainable camp chair modeled on the Helinox Chair One, displayed in a classic Finisterre blue and orange color palette.

Sustainability is at the heart of the collaboration, with Finisterre helping source a 100 per cent recycled seat fabric and Helinox bringing their proprietary green anodization technology in the aluminum frame to the mix.

The Helinox x Finisterre Chair One is available at,, and Finisterre physical retail locations.

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