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Licensing Agencies: Simplified Signs With Jewel Branding and Licensing

The brand Simplified by Emily Leydedicated to helping design planners and organizational tools for busy women, has signed on with the agency Jewel Branding and Licensing.

Jewel Branding & Licensing (JBL) is pleased to announce we have signed Simplified by Emily Ley for licensing representation,” the agency said in a statement today.

Simplified is a best-selling brand of planners and organizational tools for busy women with products found online and in major retail stores. Jewel says they were eager to represent the brand, which has been growing rapidly in the stationery licensing category due to its unique style.

“The Simplified brand has a signature style and is known for providing tools that equip, empower, and inspire busy women to simplify their lives,” Jewel explained. “Social media is a cornerstone of their marketing efforts with a combined reach of 750K+ across all platforms. Emily (the founder) has a loyal and dedicated social media following who anxiously await her new product launches.”

Ley is also the host of The Simplified Podcast, an author of several national bestselling books, including Grace Not Perfection, A Simplified Life, When Less Becomes More, and her latest book, Growing Boldly. Emily has been featured in Forbes, Glamour, and Good Housekeeping. She has spent nearly 13 years empowering, inspiring, and equipping women in the areas of organization, planning, and simplicity.

“With the brand’s proven success and longevity in the stationery category, and a program that has already generated millions in revenue, the Simplified by Emily Ley brand is positioned to rapidly expand in key categories,” says Jewel.

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