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Master Chef In Tea-licious Deal With Akbar Brothers

The world’s largest cooking show competition has partnered with one of the planet’s largest tea producers for a delicious collection of branded tea blends.

The deal between brand owner Banijay Brands and Akbar Brothers of Sri Lanka will see the creation of the MasterChef: The Champions Collection.

The partnership will see Akbar Brothers create a unique collection of teas “with a sense of flair, creativity, and quality that the MasterChef brand is known for.”

MasterChef: The Champions Collection will be available for tea drinkers worldwide with blends such as Ceylon tea, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Jasmine green tea, Rooibos Orange, Masala Chai, and more.

“Akbar Brothers is a market leader in driving sustainable practices and renowned for creating high-quality products,” said Alice Bernardi, Director of International Brand Licensing at Banijay Brands comments. “This is a partnership that fits perfectly with the MasterChef identity, promoting the core values at the heart of the brand. We hope that millions of MasterChef viewers worldwide can now sit back and enjoy the show with a cup of tea from the Champions Collection.”

Akbar Brothers Director Mansoor Akbarally said the company was thrilled to be partnering with MasterChef to showcase its artisanal tea blends.

“We are delighted to bring this collection to market with blends that we have perfected since 1907,” said Akbarally. “Every tea in this unique collection is held to the highest standard with the MasterChef seal of approval.

MasterChef is renowned as a premium brand and one synonymous with quality and integrity, which marries perfectly with our company’s values as one of the largest tea exporters in the world.”

The multi-award winning, iconic cookery show created by Franc Roddam has been wowing audiences for more than thirty years. With 49 series produced in 33 territories in 2021, MasterChef is a major brand known and enjoyed around the world.

Crowned the most successful cookery Television Format by Guinness World Records, there have been 65 local versions to-date. With more than 90 licensees around the world, the MasterChef brand also extends into a huge range of successful commercial activities. Millions of consumer products have sold globally, the extensive publishing range has proved lucrative, and audiences around the world can engage with MasterChef through live experiences from restaurants to cruises and tours.

The MasterChef format and finished programs are represented internationally by Banijay Rights while Banijay Brands controls the brand licensing rights and brings the group’s stories and brands to life through consumer products, live experiences and gaming.

Akbar Brothers is among the world’s largest and most highly regarded tea producers, with more than a century of tea production and export. The company derives its quality teas from artisanal family traditions and has grown since 1907 to become a powerhouse in tea manufacturing and export.

Akbar Brothers is also a leader in environmentally sustainable practices, with its tea production facility the first in Asia to reach a net-zero carbon footprint through carbon insetting, certified by The Sustainable Future Group.

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