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Metaverse Licensing: Care Bears Ride The NFT Craze

The classic Care Bears franchise has signed a multi-year NFT partnership to bring the brand into the metaverse.

Cloudco Entertainment and RECUR announced on Dec. 2 they have signed an agreement that will allow fans to buy Care Bear non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so they can collect and trade Care Bears collectibles.

“For nearly 40 years, the Care Bears have been building a diverse, global community of fans of all ages,” said Robert Prinzo, Head of Global Licensing, Cloudco Entertainment. “The Care Bears’ key messages of sharing, caring, and inclusivity are seen throughout all of our collaborations, and we pride ourselves on aligning with partners that are able to create products that keep our fans excited. As we enter the metaverse, we look forward to introducing a new way to collect Care Bears alongside the brilliant team at Recur.”

The cryptocurrency tech company RECUR announced the launch of its first proprietary NFT, the RECUR Portal Pass, earlier this month. The RECUR Portal Pass will offer early beta access to all of RECUR’s experiences in entertainment, sports, and pop culture, including the Care Bears, among others.

“We are reimagining 40 years of Care Bears through this partnership and can’t wait to bring the bright, colorful and emotionally exuberant IP of this iconic brand to the metaverse,” said Trevor George, Co-CEO of RECUR. “Fans will have the opportunity to gain early beta access to Care Bears NFTs in the first half of next year by owning a RECUR pass, which can be purchased next week.”

The pass will be available to purchase for 24 hours only on Dec. 9, 2021. Pre-registration is now open at

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