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PlayMonster Working With Hasbro On Playskool Brands

PlayMonster has expanded its partnership with Hasbro by entering into a deal with Playskool, that will see PlayMonster strategically grow its preschool category in 2022 and beyond.

Both companies will work together to expand and broaden the Playskool brand, bringing new ways to learn and play within the Playskool portfolio, while reimagining Playskool’s most beloved, nostalgic brands to engage Millennial parents and a new generation of kids.

“I could not be more pleased about the continued and successful expansion of our partnership with Hasbro,” said Bob Wann, CEO of PlayMonster. “Preschool is a natural and strategic area of expansion for the company following our proven success in both the games and activities categories, and Playskool is a perfect brand to show off what we do best, bringing a fresh approach to universal, classic play.”

One of the pillar brands will include Playskool Weebles, remembered for the classic and entirely accurate catch-phrase ‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.’

Others include Playskool Glo Friends, a community of adorable, tiny, glow-in-the-dark bugs that illuminate a child’s world from morning to night; Playskool Little Wonders, beautiful sensory playsets made from sustainable wood, and infused with pops of color and engaging delights like lights, sounds and music; and The Original MagnaTab, a Montessori-learning, sensory-based drawing tablet that uses magnets and a stylus to teach letters, shapes and numbers, with the possibility to free-draw.

The Playskool brand has been synonymous with quality toys for more than 90 years. Hasbro says research shows Playskool has 94 per cent brand recognition and is perceived as classic, learning fun. Sharing those deeply rooted values, PlayMonster plans to reintroduce key, iconic sub-brands under the Playskool banner over the next several years, solidifying PlayMonster in the preschool category.

“We’re beyond pleased to expand our work with PlayMonster and to introduce a stellar new line of Playskool toys that will delight both kids and parents,” said Casey Collins, general manager and SVP of global consumer products at Hasbro. “The talented team at PlayMonster has demonstrated great skill and creativity in working with nostalgic brands, and we are looking forward to what we see ahead for the line.”

The past year has marked significant momentum and growth for PlayMonster, with the recent acquisition of craft and activities leader Ann Williams Group, added strength in leadership, focused expansion in licensing and brand partnerships, a slate of successful new product introductions and the expansion of its global presence with the rebrand of Interplay to PlayMonster UK pointing to the company’s continued commitment to growth and innovation.

This Playskool partnership will mark the third such licensing deal with Hasbro, following Spirograph in 2019 and the relaunch of KOOSH.

PlayMonster says the new Playskool brands will be widely available across retail, starting in early 2022.

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