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Products of Change To Deliver Sustainability Sessions at Autumn Fair

Submitted Content from Products of Change

Products of Change has forged a strategic partnership with Autumn Fair to deliver and drive sustainability educational sessions and practice guides at the popular Birmingham retail buying show this year.

As the conversation surrounding sustainability in the retail and consumer products sectors has deepened, so too has Autumn Fair’s own journey with the subject. Partnering with Products of Change is the team’s latest bold step in fuelling its Power of One initiative.

Power of One was launched back in 2018 to raise awareness of sustainability in the retail industry, igniting a forum for retail customers to talk about the steps needed to change the future and how the sector can empower customers to be more sustainable.

Over the course of this year’s Autumn Fair (taking place Sept. 4-7 at Birmingham’s NEC), Products of Change will deliver one on one and group educational sessions and workshop tasters, as well as practice guidelines for all attendees keen to learn how to better align their business or products with core sustainability measures.

Visitors will be shown the importance of transparency across supply chains as well as the benefit of working as a community towards a common goal of better sustainability and positive change across the consumer products industry.

“With a breadth of partners across multiple categories including brand owners, manufacturers, and retailers, Products of Change is extremely proud to partner with Autumn Fair this year to offer a cross-category expertise on implementing better sustainability and driving positive change across business,” said Helena Mansell-Stopher, founder of Products of Change.

“With audience demand for more sustainable products and more ethical business in general greater than it has ever been, and with so many companies implementing fantastically forward-thinking business practices already, we’re very excited to play our part in the transition to a more sustainable – and regenerative – future for businesses, people, and the planet.”

Products of Change will be at stand 6H40 at Autumn Fair from Sept. 4-7.