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RoboCop Marks 35th Birthday With New Role On Fortnite

MGM’s classic sci-fi hit RoboCop appears in the massively popular Fortnite game to mark the films’ 35th anniversary.

Epic Games’ Fortnite and Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) announced that the cyborg police officer RoboCop is making his highly anticipated Fortnite debut for a limited time only from May 13 to May 21.

“RoboCop is celebrating its 35thanniversary this year and the thrilling sci-fi franchise continues to appeal to fans around the world. We are excited to work with Epic Games’ Fortnite on this RoboCop integration and bring dedicated fans new interactive experiences,” said Robert Marick, MGM’s Executive Vice President of Global Consumer Products and Experiences.

Players will be able to bring the iconic franchise to life with inspired outfits and cosmetics available in the Fortnite Item Shop. The collaboration includes the Robocop Outfit, the LEG-209 Back Bling, and the leg of ED-209 that doubles as a Pickaxe. Additionally there will be a traversal Lil’ ED-209 Emote, where players using this Emote will be able to ride on a mini ED-209.

Since the first film in 1987, the satirical sci-fi thriller known for explosive action and smart-mouthed one-liners has been celebrated by fans and critics.

RoboCop’s success launched a massive franchise with three film sequels, a live-action and animated television series, video games, books, “inspired-by” media campaigns and comics. The four films grossed over $350 million at the worldwide box office. The franchise continues to resonate with audiences around the world today and has transcended pop culture with a robust consumer products and licensing program and a strong legacy in the gaming space.

The deal is just one of many that MGM has signed for RoboCop, after announcing a major licensing push last year to mark the anniversary.

“Expect to see an expansion of our highly successful licensing programme for the iconic property within the realms of gaming, merchandising and more,” Marick said at the time.

A new style guide has been created for licensees to draw inspiration from, including artwork from pop cultural Japanese art styles, character art and a wide range of icons, patterns and logos.

“MGM will be celebrating the 35th anniversary in a big way with 35+ licensees spanning apparel and accessories, toy and collectables, publishing and partworks, gift and novelty, plus interactive with partners in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia,” Marick said. “Robocop continues to be seen as one of the best action films of all time and it is supported by a global community of hardcore fans. From kick-starter campaigns to viral fan-made remakes and interpretive artwork, fans express their love of Robocop across the digital space and in pop culture.”

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