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Sprayground Releases Tasty Backpacks With Jolly Rancher Theme

The fashion brand Sprayground is teaming up with Hershey’s Jolly Rancher brand to create a Green Apple themed backpack.

Taking inspiration from the candy’s bright colors and bold Jolly Rancher flavors, the backpack combines the Jolly Rancher Green Apple color with Sprayground’s fashion-forward aesthetics.

The backpack features a translucent design as well as an eye-catching pattern with the Jolly Rancher Green Apple character. Sprayground has integrated designated partitions for USB sticks, wires, cables and a laptop. It also has a velour pouch and zippered compartments to securely store items.

Sprayground created a custom lenticular designed tag for each bag, showcasing the popular Jolly Rancher characters and Sprayground’s shark mouth collectible art piece.

The limited-edition drop will be launching on July 15, exclusively at the Hershey’s Chocolate World Times Square store, in the middle of New York City. Fans will be able to take part in an in-store experience between 12 to 3 p.m. on the day of launch.

This experience includes photo opportunities with the official Jolly Rancher mascot, and a bag signing by Sprayground’s founder and creative director, David Ben-David.

Additionally, there will be an in-store Sprayground contest for a chance to win a Sprayground x Jolly Rancher exclusive bag with a 30-second, in-store shopping spree where the winner can stuff the bag, a five-pound Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, and a $500 Sprayground gift card for use on the official Sprayground website.

Sprayground is a developer, producer, and distributer of limited-edition bags and accessories. It was originally founded in 2010 by business partners David BenDavid and Eddie Shabot.