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Surge Brands Making Waves With Cigarette Boat Licensing Program

The renowned Cigarette Racing Team is looking for a surge in licensing deals, and has aptly chosen Surge Brands for the job.

Surge Brands says it is partnering with the world’s top offshore racing organization, Cigarette Racing Team, to develop a sophisticated global lifestyle retail program based on the high-powered, luxury performance powerboat.

“We are launching our iconic brand into a new era,” says Johnny Ruiz, COO of Cigarette Racing Team. “Through the development of a diversified line of products, we aim to reach a new wave of Cigarette enthusiasts.

“We look forward to working with Ari and the Surge team to develop and deliver innovative, stylish, sleek and cutting-edge goods to our legions of fans around the world in the coming years.”

For over 50 years, Cigarette Racing Team has specialized in custom-made, hand-crafted, high-performance powerboats for a clientele with the most discerning taste for luxury and performance. Cigarette Racing’s reputation as the market’s premier powerboat builder has roots deep in offshore racing’s history where performance made its early run for glory.

Since inception, the Cigarette Racing brand has grown in sophistication, becoming a product excellence company, which focuses on impeccable engineering and exquisite design. Cigarette Racing now builds the finest powerboats for the most loyal and discriminating performance boaters, using only the best in materials, technology, and workmanship.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Cigarette Racing Team was launched in 1969 by Don Aronow, a passionate racer and businessman in South Florida, which became known as Thunderboat Row with famous Cigarette models such as the Firefox, the Top Gun, and the Cafe Racer, but it was the Miami Vice TV series, which ran from 1984 to 1990, that made Cigarette a household name.

Some notable boat owners have included President George H.W. Bush, the Sultan of Johor, King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Sultan of Brunei, King Hussein of Jordan, the Prince of Kuwait, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and the King of Sweden. Many of these original Cigarette boats are still kept within the families as royal heirlooms or in museums. They were also raced by passionate performance enthusiasts such as Rocky Aoki, of Benihana fame, and Roger Penske.

As the appointed global licensing agent for Cigarette Racing Team, Surge Brands will develop a retail program focused on luxury and performance-based goods that reflect the sophistication and design that have become synonymous with the brand.  Initial product categories will include apparel, accessories, swimwear, fragrance, watches, jewelry, eyewear, spirits and more.

“The Cigarette name itself evokes a jolt of energy to those who know or who have experienced the thrill of an open-water high-speed ride. There is simply no other boat brand that can come close to delivering the level of performance, sophistication, attraction, and sex appeal of a Cigarette Racing boat,” said Ari Freedman, Vice President, Surge Brands.

“Cigarette Racing has built its reputation on building the finest high-performance powerboats in the world, and our new line of branded merchandise for this American Offshore Legend will represent the level of luxury and sophistication that fans of Cigarette know and love.”

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