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Tech Licensing: Skullcandy Pumps The Volume With Beanstalk Appointment

The trend setting audio tech brand Skullcandy has selected licensing agency Beanstalk to manage its global branding.
The company says it engaged Beanstalk to help extend its brand into product categories that “unleash the power of expression,” including audio equipment, consumer electronics, sporting and outdoor goods and accessories, apparel and accessories, collaborations and experiences.
Beanstalk is one of the world’s largest licensing agencies, with annual sales in the range of $8 billion. While headquartered in New York, the firm has a global presence with offices in London, Miami, Cincinnati, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, and affiliates throughout the world.
“We know our fans are looking to engage more deeply with our brand across more categories of product,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Skullcandy.” We are thrilled to partner with Beanstalk to help us explore and extend into new lines of business that will further illustrate the Skullcandy brand.”

Born in 2003 on a chairlift in Park City, Utah, Skullcandy has become the top selling brand in Stereo Headphones and True Wireless Earbuds (based on data from The NPD Group on retail sales).

Skullcandy’s mission is to unleash the power of music for all, with a vision to be the number one brand for the youthful and adventurous consumer.

Beanstalk says the Skullcandy licensing program will encourage both existing and new fans to “tune into their own Skullcandy lifestyle and express their individual personalities.” Beanstalk will leverage the distinct aesthetic of the Skullcandy brand to further extend its unique voice, style and purpose from audio to lifestyle.

“We are truly excited to be partnering with an adventurous and inclusive brand as Skullcandy,” said Beanstalk president and CEO Allison Ames. “It has all of the right ingredients for successful brand extensions. It’s accessible and doing great things in the tech space. It’s diverse and progressive. It understands its audience and in a sea of sameness, Skullcandy stands out from the crowd.

“This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to create a licensing program that speaks to Skullcandy’s fans’ lifestyles, interests and values.”

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