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Trademark Licensing: Craftsman Partners With Acurite On Branded Home and Weather Monitors

The tool and DIY giant CRAFTSMAN has partnered with North America’s number one weather monitoring brand, AcuRite, to launch a range of home and weather monitoring products.

The licensing agreement was brokered by Beanstalk, CRAFTSMAN’S global brand licensing agency. 

The new line will include multiple home and weather monitoring products, including the following for home monitoring:

  • A water leak detector with an audible alarm
  • A digital refrigerator and freezer thermometer to help safeguard food
  • An extra-large LED clock and a multi-location monitoring system with customizable alarms to keep an eye on multiple environmental conditions

Weather monitoring products include a wireless digital thermometer and personal weather stations that measure numerous outdoor conditions, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and barometric pressure.

CRAFTSMAN-branded monitors by Acurite help the Do-It-Yourselfer keep a weather eye on their world.

“We believe extending our product line to the CRAFTSMAN target audience of ‘Proud Doers’ is a natural step for us,” says Meredith Evens, Program Manager, Global Licensing at AcuRite. “As market leaders in weather monitoring, we know that our products will benefit the CRAFTSMAN end-user in this new category for the brand. Understanding indoor and outdoor conditions is vital information that allows doers to focus on their projects and get things done.”  

With the need for hyper-localized weather monitoring on the rise, the new line of products will prepare gardeners and outdoor DIYers alike with the weather information they need to plan their day, said Parke Stevenson, Manager of Brand Management at Beanstalk. 

“CRAFTSMAN is a brand that homeowners trust to deliver reliability and superior quality, two crucial attributes when creating home and weather monitoring equipment,” Stevenson says. “By partnering with an industry-leader like AcuRite, this innovative program promises to deliver great value for homeowners, gardeners and weather enthusiasts.” 

CRAFTSMAN home and weather monitoring products will range from $25 to $200 MSRP and are available where CRAFTSMAN products are sold.

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