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Transport for London Partners With Footwear Designer Kurt Geiger

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Kurt Geiger London has joined forces with Transport for London to launch a new collaborative collection of bags and accessories.

“As two brands both born in London, it is great to see Kurt Geiger use our iconic assets in such a creative way,” said Ellen Sankey, TfL’s Brand Licensing Manager.

“We both share a dedication to high quality design and through this partnership we look forward to seeing people wearing a little piece (or two) of the city wherever they may be. Collaborations such as this are a great example of how the TfL brand translates through quality products the very feeling of what it is to visit, to be in or be part of London.”

Kurt Geiger is a London-based footwear and accessories retailer. For over fifty years, Kurt Geiger’s in-house team of shoe and accessory designers have created statement styles inspired by the city of London.

The initial co-branded 10-piece collection focuses on some of Kurt Geiger London’s most popular styles. These styles include cardholders, a cross body, a structured tote and reworked versions of the bestselling ‘Multi Cross Body’ and ‘Leather Kensington’ bags. The pieces in the collection feature the brand’s signature rainbow with TfL’s prominent London Underground line colors.

This licensing collaboration was brokered by TSBA Group, Transport for London’s global licensing agent. TSBA group offers a team of licensing experts that work on a global basis on award-winning licensing programs for sporting brands and blue-chip corporate brands.

“London is one of the fashion capitals of the world; the marriage of these two intrinsically London brands is a perfect way to celebrate the colour and vibrancy of our capital city,” said Jo Edwards, Head of Global Licensing at TSBA Group.

“It has been fabulous to work with Kurt Geiger as they’ve translated the TfL brand and heritage to some of their signature products. Development is already underway for the additional collections and these will celebrate other key elements of TfL’s network through stunning product design.”

Transport for London is the integrated transport authority responsible for delivering public transport to visitors and residents of the city. It runs the day-to-day operation of the capital’s public transport network which includes London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway, London Trams, London Buses and Elizabeth line services.

“The London Underground is so recognisable that it is easy to overlook just how iconic a design icon it is,” said Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, Kurt Geiger’s Chief Creative Officer. “It is a key part of all our lives and I wanted to create a collection suitable for busy daily London lives but with the Tube’s colours and symbols as the core design theme.

“Kurt Geiger is powered by London’s fast-paced and forward-facing energy, and this new collaboration with TfL is the ultimate show of that unity; a true homage to the place we call home,” she added. “The London Underground connects Londoners and everyone who comes here; it is the heartbeat of our city, enabling exploration and adventure. It was therefore a true thrill to be able to connect with TfL on this collection celebrating our mutual love for our capital.”

The co-branded collection is set to launch in August on the official Kurt Geiger website and in a number of Kurt Geiger stores. More product collections will be released over the next 18 months.

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