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Who’s News: Vandamme To Head New Jazwares Sales Office in Paris

Jazwares is opening a new office in Paris; a reflection of its strategy for rapid growth in the European market.
The company says the sales office will be headed by veteran Vincent Vandamme, who most recently was the Head of Field Sales for LEGO in France.
“We have meaningful direct to retail businesses in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux region, said Jonny Taylor, Jazwares Senior VP for Europe. “France is a critical business market in Europe and we are thrilled to have Vincent on board to lead the business. We now have the right commercial team and product ranges to drive exciting growth within the region. It’s time to take our business in France to the next level, another exciting step in the company’s journey.”
Jazwares also says the opening of a sales office in Paris is a key part of its global expansion plans, which includes a focus on the European market. The Paris office joins existing centers located in the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands.

The Paris office will have local sales staff to support the growing business in France and will be led by Vandamme, who joins Jazwares after 18 years with The LEGO Group.

Vandamme has more than 25 years of experience in toy sales, and has worked with all of the most important retail channels in France. Jazwares says Vandamme was a natural fit for the role due to his deep expertise, wide range of contacts, and in-depth knowledge of the French toy market.

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