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ZAG’s Miraculous Snags 30 Licensees & Retailers in Mexico

Animation studio ZAG says it has closed with 30 licensees for Miraculous since opening its first Latin American office in Mexico City six months ago.

Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was ZAG’s first major hit show and remains its flagship brand. It has seen a huge uptake in Latin America over the past six months, proving out ZAG’s strategy of opening regional licensing headquarters around the world.

The most recently signed partners include Yuyin (shoes); Fotorama (school products including backpacks); Novelties Best Trading (stationery, novelties and kids cosmetics); Cool Things (accessories); Área Creativa (gifts); and Helados Willy (ice-cream). These new products will start to roll out at retail in fall 2022.

Additional current strategic partners for the territory include Union Kids and Avante Textiles (apparel); E Fashion (pajamas and sleepwear);  Fantasy Ruz (costumes); 4E (health and beauty); Flying Wheel(skates, scooters tricycle, bicycles, and protective gear); Andromeda (stationery and dinnerware); Granmark (party goods); and Siglo XX1 (melamine).

Additionally, ZAG has created a unique promotion for Miraculous branded merchandise to be featured at Emoción Deportiva, a race that takes place later this year in Mexico City. Parents and children will run in pairs, and runners will receive an exclusive Miraculous bag, medal, face mask and t-shirt with options of 1, 2, 3, and 5 kilometer runs.

In Mexico, the toyline from ZAG Lab and Playmates, distributed by Bandai Mexico since 2017,  has been a huge success with a 130% increase in sales over 2021 numbers and 84% product sell-through. The toy line includes the top-selling fashion doll alongside action figures, role-playing games, stuffed animals, collectibles and roleplay.  Toys are available throughout Mexico at mass market in supermarkets, department stores, and specialized and e-commerce stores. This fall, the new product line will be available including an expanded Heroez doll line with new characters and 19 Kwami collectibles.

“Mexico is a the largest and most mature market in Latin America and aspirational to Latino countries,”  said Julian Zag, EVP Global Operations and Head of Consumer Products. “Miraculous Ladybug has 91.67% awareness in Mexico for girls ages 7–9 due to the robust content available on key platforms and everyone is excited for the upcoming animated $100M+ feature that will debut later in the year.

“We are focusing on generating the best brand experiences and products for our Miraculous Ladybug fans and are delighted to have signed with such a distinguished group of licensees,” he added. “We are also in discussion with partners for collaborations that will bring location-based experiences and activities to families, retail pop-ups, and a new line of products for young adults.  We can’t wait to get these new products on shelves alongside our hugely successful toy line from ZAG Lab and Playmates, distributed by Bandai.”

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir airs daily in Mexico on Televisa, which holds free to air rights, as well as Disney Channel and Disney +.  The first three seasons of the series also stream on Netflix.

Miraculous has a huge social media fan base in Mexico with more than 3.8 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube; and Mexico is always amongst the top three countries with the most views of Miraculous on YouTube.



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