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Alma’s Way Renewed for Season 2 as Licensing Campaign Heats Up

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

It looks like Fred Rogers Productions has another hit on its hands, as Alma’s Way has been renewed for Season 2 on PBS Kids.

The show was created by Sonia Manzano, famed for her role as Maria on Sesame Street, and produced in association with Pipeline Studios (Elinor Wonders Why).

The new season is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2023 and will consist of 25 half-hour episodes, including two 30-minute specials.

“We’re thrilled that audiences have so warmly embraced Alma’s Way and will soon get to tag along on new adventures with Alma as she continues to think things through alongside her friends and family in the Bronx,” said Ellen Doherty, chief creative officer at Fred Rogers Productions and an executive producer of the series. “The show’s focus on critical thinking and community has resonated strongly with viewers universally, and the new season will provide them with an even more expansive look at Alma’s world.”

Focusing on critical thinking, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and empathy, Alma’s Way is aimed at viewers 4-6 and follows 6-year-old Alma Rivera, a proud, confident Puerto Rican girl who lives in the Bronx with her parents; younger brother, Junior; and Abuelo, as well as a diverse group of close-knit and loving friends, family, and community members. Abuelo is the Spanish word for grandfather.

The series showcases Latino cultures through music, food, language, and more. All episodes are available in both English and Spanish.

“Alma’s Way suggests to children that the process of thinking is exhilarating, joyous, and fun,” said Sonia Manzano, executive producer and series creator. “I’m delighted that my relationship with PBS KIDS and Fred Rogers Productions will continue as we bring another season of Alma’s Way to life.”

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series will introduce audiences to a range of diverse, new characters and present stories that deepen their relationship with those they already know and love, including Alma’s Uncle Nestor, little brother Junior, and her Granny Isa, whose character is voiced by Manzano. The new season will also take viewers to more New York City cultural landmarks. Music, a key component of the series, will be prominently featured in one of the upcoming specials.

“Families across the country are telling us that Alma’s Way’s curriculum, music, and focus on community truly resonates with them, and is making an impact in their children’s lives. We’re excited to bring another season to PBS KIDS,” said Sara DeWitt, senior vice president and general manager, PBS KIDS.

Alma’s Way premiered in October 2021 to critical acclaim and recognition among a variety of audiences.

The show has also been successful in licensing, even in its first year. Kids can learn and play with Alma through the PBS KIDS Games app and on

Bop or Pop!/¡Bop, no Pop!,” an action-puzzle game that helps kids practice their problem-solving skills, and “Party at Alma’s/Fiesta con Alma,” a game in which players use social awareness skills to help make the party fun for everyone, launched in 2021.

Between October 2021 and May 2022, both games combined have been played more than 18 million times on the PBS KIDS games app and Two additional games supporting the learning goals of the series will debut in 2022. Like episodes of Alma’s Way, all digital content is available to view and play in both English and Spanish.

Scholastic serves as the worldwide master publishing partner for Alma’s Way with a multi-year agreement including a range of readers and activity books in both English and Spanish, which will begin publishing in spring 2023.

  • Brand Central, one of the world’s most successful agencies, is the licensing agent for the series and says it will develop a full-scale licensing program that reflects the show’s fun, educational, and cultural themes.

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