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Angry Birds Take Wing With Mighty Mojo Plush Line

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Mighty Mojo Toys has partnered with Rovio Entertainment to release a new plush line-up based on the Angry Birds brand.

The licensing deal was facilitated by Angry Birds’ global licensing agency, IMG. The licensing division of IMG is known for connecting its clients with high-profile licensees and opening up new avenues for marketing and promotion.

The licensed Angry Birds collection will introduce characters such as Red, Chuck, Bomb, and more in high-quality plush. The products will be available for purchase this fall through the Official Angry Birds Site, Amazon and a variety of alternative e-commerce channels.

“We are thrilled to become a top tier destination for Angry Birds plush,” said Arash Moghaddam, President of Mighty Mojo Toys. “This is a powerhouse brand, and we can’t wait to bring these beloved characters to life in partnership with Rovio and IMG.”

Mighty Mojo Toys is a toy manufacturer that distributes and develops original and licensed products for kids of all ages. The company is focused in the e-commerce space and offers a variety of consumer products including plush, toys, party goods and inflatables.

The Angry Birds brand is the flagship property of the Rovio Entertainment Corporation, a global video game company that creates, develops and publishes mobile games.

The Angry Birds brand started as a popular mobile game released in 2009, and has grown to include a wide variety of entertainment, animation and consumer products in brand licensing.

“With over 5 billion downloads and counting, Angry Birds have been flying high for over a decade,” said Katri Chacona, Director of Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment. “Our mission is to craft joy, and we just know that these plushies will bring even more joy to our fans.”

The Angry Birds franchise has been experiencing rapid growth throughout the past year. The brand’s first long-form animated series ‘Angry Birds: Summer Madness’ recently aired on Netflix with three seasons, while the first interactive Angry Birds live show Angry Birds Live: The Slingshot Adventure! was announced this summer.

The all-new mobile game Angry Birds Journey also launched globally this year, alongside a premium remake of the original Angry Birds game.