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Automotive Brand Motul Appoints Ingram As Licensing Agency For Japan

The automotive and racing brand Motul is expanding in Japan with the appointment of Ingram as its licensing agent.

The French firm Motul is a world-renowned company, specializing in the formulation, production and global distribution of high-tech engine lubricants. For many decades it has also been a dedicated technical partner and official supplier to the finest motor racing teams and manufacturers in history. Its presence today extends to over 160 countries, and it’s involved in numerous event partnerships, including the Dakar Rally, Le Mans and Goodwood Revival.

The Motul brand is now bringing its 100-year heritage—and its associations with speed, style, adventure, performance, elegance and above all winning—to a major lifestyle branding campaign. It will be targeting a wide range of categories, ranging from apparel, stationery, houseware and apparel to backpacks, phone covers, kitchenware and of course car accessories.

“We are thrilled to be working with Motul, a renowned company in motor sports, as its licensing agent in Japan,” said Ben Kato, founder and owner of Ingram. “By combining Motul’s powerful brand identity with our strength in licensing and promotion, we expect to build a strong presence in Japan for Motul and a diverse range of products across many sales channels. Motul is a genuinely exciting prospect in this market, and I am looking forward enormously to working with this property.”

Founded in 1992 Ingram (an abbreviation of International Guidance Research and Management) has been a leading name in the Japanese licensing business for nearly three decades.

Based on its motto of “Connecting people through licensing,” Ingram has built a strong reputation both in Japan and overseas for developing well-known global properties in the Japanese market and bringing popular Japanese brands to the international market. Its impressive client list includes major Japanese hits such as Rilakkuma, Mamegoma and Tarepanda, while among overseas properties targeting the Japanese market, an extensive portfolio includes UCLA, Nesta, Cambridge University and a number of major lifestyle brands including Norton, Santa Fe, Route 66 and now, of course, Motul.

Managing the Motul campaign is Laurent Taieb, a licensing specialist with over 25 years’ experience. “Motul is a globally recognised name that is perfectly positioned to become a popular lifestyle brand in multiple categories and markets,” says Taieb. “We are delighted to be working in the key Japanese market with Ingram, an established and respected name with a strong international reach and a powerful reputation for working with both overseas and lifestyle brands.”

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