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BBC Signs Tycoon As Licensing Agent For Hit Show Bluey

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

BBC Studios has hired Tycoon to expand licensing for the hit children’s show Bluey into South and Central America.

Bluey, an Australian production about a Blue Heeler puppy and his family, has become a runaway global hit, with a significant licensing program.

BBC Studios is now looking at a major expansion for retail and licensing opportunities in Latin America, and has chosen the licensing veterans at Tycoon to navigate deals in the region.

“We’re excited to work with Tycoon and confident their expertise will help expand the global sensation Bluey further to South and Central America,” said Murilo Hinojosa, Director of Licensing in Latin America for BBC Studios. “The upcoming range of high-quality licensed products will enable children to use their imagination and enjoy their own Bluey-inspired adventures.”

The Bluey toys, from global master toy licensee Moose Toys, will be distributed locally by Imexporta in Chile and Peru; Caffaro in Argentina; and Boing Toys in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Central America and the Caribbean islands beginning later this year.

“We have been long admirers of BBC Studios and could not be happier to represent Bluey, which is a true reflection of the group’s commitment to high quality content,” said Tycoon president and co-founder Elias Fasia-Cohen. “We are delighted to work hand in hand with such a talented group in bringing Bluey to the homes and hearts of Latin American consumers and look forward to many years of success together.”

This appointment reinforces the commitment that BBC Studios has in Latin America. Early this year, Lotus Global was appointed as licensing agent for Brazil while Panaderia was appointed for Mexico in the last quarter of 2021. In Mexico, the program keeps expanding into other categories after a very successful toy launch last year.

In 2022, starting in June and extending into the fall, new licensees will be launched, such as: Granmark, Ruz, Stor, Union Kids, Novelty Corp., and Penguin Random House, ranging from party goods to apparel and publishing.

Bluey is a multi-award-winning children’s series that has taken Australia and the U.S. by storm and is now available in more than 60 markets,

In Latin America, Bluey is available on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ as well as through free-to-air television channels, TV Cultura in Brazil and Azteca 7 in Mexico. To complement the experience, there is also content on social media, through the Facebook channel launched in January this year and the official YouTube channel, which has reached over 510k followers in less than a year with over 200 million views on the Spanish page.

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