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Book Licensing: Ninja Life Hacks Inks Licensing Deal With Fathead

The best selling children’s series Ninja Life Hacks announced a license agreement with Fathead for vinyl wall graphics, cutouts, wall hangings and more.

The Ninja Life Hacks licensing deal with Fathead brings the Ninja Life Hacks superheroes to life, encouraging children to feel and discuss their emotions.  Fathead’s Ninja Life Hacks line will be available on and starting Holiday 2021.

Ninja Life Hacks is the popular children’s book series with this mission: to help parents, educators, and children with the resources to cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence and grit, and promote emotional intelligence. The series has been a huge success, selling more than 1 million copies to date.

Fathead is thrilled to partner with Ninja Life Hacks!,” said Ronnie Robeson, Director of Licensing for Fathead. “As a company that has always taken it to the next level when it comes to displaying passion and fandom, we are proud of the opportunity to share the heroes and messages from Ninja Life Hacks to promote mental health and wellness for children everywhere.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reported that pediatricians, hospitals and psychiatrists declared the mental health crisis among kids a national emergency. Ninja Life Hacks says it remains committed to being part of the solution by licensing products that will improve the mental wellness of kids everywhere.

The Fathead Ninja Life Hacks products are intended to target teachers for their classrooms, pediatricians for their offices and parents for their children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Being surrounded by Ninjas like Confident Ninja, Brave Ninja, Inclusive Ninja and even Anxious Ninja are designed to encourage children to talk about big emotions and learn how to tackle life’s challenges.

“It brings me such joy to know that these Ninja Life Hacks super heroes will be on the walls in chidren’s rooms, doctors’ offices and teachers’ classrooms everywhere,” said author Mary Nhin. Seeing these character-inspired products from Fathead will encourage discussion about big emotions and will be one impactful step in battling the mental health crisis facing these children. Life is tough, but so are they!”

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