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British Comic Beano Celebrates 85 Years With New Campaign

The world’s longest running weekly comic, Beano, will celebrate its 85th anniversary next year with a national licensing campaign by Rocket.

Beano first hit print in 1938, before the Second World War, and became one of the most popular British brands of all time. Country Life even put it on the list of top British brands with The Beatles and James Bond.

“Beano is part of the culture of Britain, and we’re thrilled to be able to honour the brand’s 85th birthday next year,” said Charlie Donaldson, Joint Managing Director at Rocket Licensing.

The venerable British comic Beano is celebrating its 85 anniversary in 2023 with a wave of celebrations and licensing opportunities.

Now the world’s longest-running weekly comic, Beano has recently reported its fifth year of consecutive sales growth, and with more than 28 million Brits having read the comic as kids, Rocket Licensing says it’s a brand whose popularity spans multiple generations. In fact, a recent survey found Beano can boast  84% brand recognition among kids, and a whopping 94% recognition amongst adults.

Beano is also one of the longest running comic of any type worldwide. Gasoline Alley currently holds the title for the longest running daily comic strip, having launched in 1918, while the Katzenjammer Kids still holds the record, as it stopped publication in 2006, after having run continually for 109 years since 1897.

Rocket Licensing says the Beano anniversary in 2023 will be commemorated by the brand across the year with a special comic issue, a national press and media campaign, school  activity and special appearances from the comic’s celebrity fans.

More details of the celebrations will be announced soon.

Rocket Licensing, which manages the rights for the property in the UK, is preparing an exciting schedule of consumer products and events, as it’s not only Beano celebrating, but Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids will also be celebrating their 70th anniversary milestones, while The Numskulls will be marking their 30th anniversary.

The huge year follows in the footsteps of Dennis’s 70th celebrations which saw celebrations by fans young and old with the brand and Dennis trending worldwide on Twitter across the year. Beano is also officially the children’s magazine of the year, winning the accolade at the PPA awards.

“Dennis’ 70th anniversary in 2021 was a huge success and the nation celebrated in style with a range of fabulous products and events,” said Donaldson. “We’re planning even more excitement for 2023 and are looking forward to working with existing and new partners to ensure the anniversary is one to remember.”

Donaldson also says Beano will, as always, support World Book Day 2023, to help children unlock a love of reading for fun. Licensed products and categories planned to feature in-store during this important seasonal window include new Beano book releases from Farshore, dress-up from Rubies, and nightwear from Aykroyds.

“2023 is going to be Beano’s biggest year yet!” said Vanessa Andreis, Franchise Planning and Partnerships Director. “Kids and their families won’t be able to miss our celebrations as we commemorate both the iconic comic and our incredible characters which are so loved.”

As part of the celebrations, the brand is also launching Beano: The Outdoor Game, in partnership with the Outdoor Gaming Company, for families all over the country.

Starting with London and Dundee, followed by other major towns and cities over the coming months, the game will see families help Dennis find Gnasher in their local town or city by solving clues, completing tasks, and answering questions.  

Brands wanting to get involved with Beano’s epic year can find out more at