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Celebrity Licensing: Stephen Curry and Under Armour Drop Sesame Street Collection

The partnership between Under Armour and NBA star Stephen Curry announced in December last year is now bearing fruit, as the partners announced a new collaboration with Sesame Street.

“Curry Brand and Sesame Street, we preach the same message,” says Curry, a three-time NBA champion and two-time league MVP. “It’s about supporting all kids, especially those in under-served communities who are looking for an opportunity to be their best selves.”

Stephen Curry and partner Under Armour are releasing the Street Pack, a collection inspired by no less than Sesame Street.

Curry says he wanted to work with Sesame Street because the show has always modeled inclusivity in its storylines and its diverse cast of Muppets, humans, and guest stars. The Sesame Street friends share in the joys of learning, laughing, and playing together, and Curry’s personal connection to Sesame Street goes beyond parenting. He starred in a guest appearance on the show alongside his wife, Ayesha, to teach children about the importance of sharing, and eating a healthy breakfast.

“We love the way the Curry Brand promotes healthy, active lifestyles, and teamwork,” said Gabriela Arenas, vice president of global licensing at Sesame Workshop. “It’s been so much fun combining Curry Brand’s commitment to play and Under Armour’s innovation technology with Sesame Street’s iconic characters in this vibrant and playful collaboration with multigenerational appeal.”

“It’s about supporting all kids, especially those in underserved communities who are looking for an opportunity to be their best selves.” – Stephen Curry

Curry Brand’s Street Pack includes seven colorways based on Sesame Street’s indelible characters, who are celebrated with unique markings on the shoe’s tongue tab and a hint-of-character flag near the heel. The classic Sesame Streetsign is also featured on the sock liner.

The Count It colorway, for example, brings to life Count von Count, with the shiny tongue tab reflecting the satin exterior of The Count’s cape and the shoe’s interior matching the cape’s colorful lining.

Talking Trash, based on Oscar the Grouch, has a metallic tongue tab as a nod to the trash can, while the tongue tab on Cookie Monster’s Taking Cookies and other shoe tabs feature a fuzzy, fur-like feel.

“This collection is an opportunity for people to use their imaginations a little bit,” Curry says. “You can really show your personality through the way that you play. I love to be creative on the court, try new things, and show different sides of myself. The Sesame Street characters prove that everybody belongs in the world of play.”

The Curry Flow 9 builds on the success of the Curry Flow 8. Under Armour says the updated shoe features a fine-tuned UA Flow traction pattern and the introduction of UA Warp, Under Armour’s new-to-basketball upper technology that improves foot stability. UA Warp works in tandem with UA Flow, featuring supportive tapes that lock the foot onto the UA Flow midsole while allowing for natural movement, the company says.

Given the intricate structure of the shoe and the array of stylizations, Under Armour designers took great care to celebrate Sesame Street’s characters.

“The hardest part was making sure we achieved a sense of depth and sophistication in our designs,” says Spencer Hawkins, a senior footwear designer at Under Armour. “We didn’t just say, ‘Elmo is red, so the whole shoe is red.’ We played with a lot of different tonalities of red, and we brought in hints of orange to represent the nose. Every single colorway is a unique story celebrating not only the unique physical attributes of the characters but also what each character can teach us about building a better, more inclusive neighborhood.”

Additional “Street Pack” footwear colorways and apparel will be released in the coming months.