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Music Licensing: MDR Keeping Amy Winehouse Legacy Alive

British audio brand Roberts is collaborating with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to celebrate the late star’s legacy.

MDR Brand Management is teaming up with the British audio brand Roberts to celebrate the musical legacy of Amy Winehouse.

As part of that deal, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which works to promote the late artist’s legacy, will receive a portion of the proceeds from all sales.

The first launch in the collaboration is the new Roberts RT200 x Amy Edition turntable, inspired by Amy’s own drawings and sketches. It features engravings of Amy’s signature and her heart-shaped doodles, which fans will recognise as one of her many tattoos.

Launching this week, each of the 50 limited edition turntables will be engraved with its number in the collection, making each one unique. Amy herself owned many Roberts radios and her beloved pink Roberts Revival is currently on display at the Amy: Beyond the Stage exhibit at the Design Museum.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation will receive a percentage of the collaboration’s proceeds.

“As champions of British sound and design, we are honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate Amy Winehouse’s legacy as one of the country’s most recognisable and revered musicians,” said Mark Huijsmans, category director at Roberts.

Winehousewas a British singer-songwriter who skyrocketed to fame after release of the critically acclaimed, multiple Grammy Award winning album “Back to Black” (2006), which took an impressive five Grammys. Winehouse was named the Best Selling Pop/Rock Female at the World Music Awards.

Tragically, the talented singer suffered from substance abuse issues and died in 2011, but her music continues to live on and remains as popular as ever. In fact, her duet with Tony Bennett, “Body and Soul,” was released posthumously in 2011, and the song ultimately won a Grammy Award for best pop performance by a duo or group.

Daniel Avener, CEO at MDR Brand Management, said it’s been a privilege to work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation on projects that keep her music and memory alive. “We are pleased to welcome Roberts Radio to the hand-picked roster or partners that continue to cherish Amy’s talent, and to create an authentic and meaningful partnership whilst supporting her Foundation,” he added.

Jane Winehouse, managing trustee at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, said she’s equally delighted by the partnership with Roberts, a company whose products were among the singer’s favorite possessions.

“We are delighted to be commemorating Amy’s life and career whilst raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation through such a unique partnership,” Jane Winehouse said. “Roberts was very close to Amy’s heart and truly expressed her retro style; we know Amy’s fans will love and cherish this design for years to come.”

Roberts and the Amy Winehouse Foundation will be working together throughout 2022. Fans can look forward to a limited edition collaboration on a Roberts model that Amy owned herself, inspired by her style.

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