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New Forum Launched for Companies Seeking Digital Entertainment Licenses

The first Entertainment X Tracks Forum will take place in November as a way to help retailers, licensing companies and licensees seeking new digital entertainment properties.

The event was developed by Steven Ekstract, the founder and former publisher of License Global, and is being hosted at the offices of United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills on Nov. 2-3.

“The business of licensing is very much relationship driven, as licensing IP is based on trust,” said Ekstract. “There is pent up demand for face-to-face events that include networking.”

Ekstract points out the world’s largest market for licensing is the U.S., yet the U.S. has the least amount of B-to-B licensing events of any major licensing market.  As well, L.A. is the capital of the global entertainment business yet there is no event for entertainment licensing in L.A.

“That changes with this event, a smaller, focused gathering that enables business leaders to discover in person new properties that will help grow their licensing operations,” Ekstract said.

Programming for the first-ever Entertainment X Tracks Forum will be held over two days at UTA’s Beverly Hills offices and will highlight the growth and evolution of the multi-billion-dollar children’s entertainment business with a focus on curating non-traditional IP and the future of the industry.

The event location is the offices of United Talent Agency, 9336 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills.

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