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Watchmaker Depancel Posts Fast Times, With Motul Inspired Watch

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

The racing and automotive brand Motul has launched a new luxury watch, in partnership with car-crazy watchmaker Depancel.

Motul and Depancel are both companies that are connected to … and some would say obsessed with … the world of car brands and auto racing.

To mark their signature interest, the two companies have now released a new watch, the Pista 24 MOTUL Edition, a feature-rich time piece inspired by motor sports.

The deal was brokered by the French office of ASPIRE by WildBrain CPLG, Motul’s licensing agent for EMEA and the US.

The Pista 24 is the first of a number of planned collaborations from two major brands, with the MOTUL Edition expected to have a clear appeal both to racing fans and to lovers of stylish wristwear.

Depancel is a French brand that offers beautiful watchmaking at excellent value for money thanks to a co-creation and pre-order model.

Each Depancel watch is a tribute to a specific automotive brand or concept and aims to inspire lovers of the precision and technical excellence associated with motor sports, and the Pista 24 MOTUL Edition is no exception, says Laurent Taieb, a Motul licensing specialist.

“The Depancel Pista 24 MOTUL Edition is not only a stunningly designed watch; it truly reflects the technical excellence associated with motor sports,” Taieb added. “Ideal for both motor racing fans and style leaders, this watch is a perfect association for a renowned lifestyle and motor sport-orientated brand like Motul.”

Red and white flashes – including the famous Motul logo – appear on a stylish black background. The dial pattern is reminiscent of the radiator grille of racing cars, and there’s a disc-brake-like motif under each hour. A large date display window and skeleton hands further underline the sporty, high-performance look.

The Pista 24 MOTUL Edition is functional too. The indicator at 12 o’clock, designed to look like a fuel gauge, can be used to check the status of a power reserve in real time. The bidirectional rotating bezel can be used to measure time intervals. There’s even something for night racing: the hour markers and numbers feature a coating that offers maximum visibility at night, and the 24-hour function is equipped with a day/night indicator.

As with all Depancel collections, this new watch will come with a lifetime warranty and will be sold through pre-orders on the brand’s website,

The elegant, sporty watch is a perfect fit for Motul, a world-renowned company, specialising in the formulation, production and global distribution of high-tech engine lubricants, says Clément Meynier, the founder of Depancel. Motul is a major supplier and sponsor of motor racing, and its presence today extends to over 160 countries, with numerous event partnerships including the Dakar Rally, Le Mans and Goodwood Revival.

“This is a perfect partnership given the common values that drive our two brands,” said Meynier. “In addition to our passion for beautiful engines, Motul, like Depancel, makes it a point of honor to offer reliable, high-performance and innovative products, and above all to inspire and bring unique adventures to each member of our communities.”

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