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CRAYOLA Announces Back to School Cross Promotions

Going back to school is always a major event for moms, kids, teachers and retailers, and this year Crayola has teamed up with leading consumer goods brands to celebrate and inspire creativity as children return to in-person school, in some cases for the first time in over a year.

While the average consumer may not know it, Crayola tops the ranks of back-to-school brands in North America.

“Crayola is the number one brand for school supplies when parents shop for their children’s BTS lists,” said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development & Global Licensing, Crayola. Partnerships and promotions add value and inspiration for our retailers, partners, and consumers as parents and educators prepare their children for a successful school year.”

As part of Crayola’s back-to-school campaign, the company has announced collaborations with Kraft, Ferrera, Pepperidge Farms, and GoGo squeeZ. A full list of the campaigns runs as follows:

Kraft Mac & Cheese

For the third year running, Crayola and Kraft Mac and Cheese have partnered on a promotion, which includes Kraft Mac and Cheese’s sponsorship of the new Crayola IDEAWorks exhibit, which will soon tour the country. This year’s bundle of four ABC Mac and Cheese boxes promote an online, digital coloring contest where consumers can win prizes, including a trip for a family of four to the exhibit where the child’s winning artwork is displayed.


Crayola’s second back-to-school partnership with Ferrara includes the Keebler, Black Forest, and Funables Ferrara brands. This year’s theme is  Treat Their Imagination. Packaging and POP directs consumers to a co-branded, digital hub where shoppers can submit a proof of purchase in exchange for a free month of access to Crayola’s Create-and-Play app. The hub also grants kids free access to games, coloring pages and a CIY, “create-it-yourself” activity developed by Crayola.

Pepperidge Farms

Crayola’s renewed partnership with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish brings back last year’s limited time only Colors 20-count multipack. This time, the product is available at retailers nationwide based on the program’s success at Target in 2020.

GoGo squeeZ 

Finally, new Crayola partner GoGo squeeZ encourages children to “squeeZ the color” with specially-designed “color me” packaging for both 12-count fruit and 10-count yogurt packs. The program is supported via an online sweepstakes giveaway, a robust influencer program and an interactive, outdoor event in Los Angeles.

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