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Experiential Licensing: Crayola Appoints New VP for Location-Based Entertainment

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

The children’s creativity brand, Crayola, has announced the addition of Andy Pence as Vice President of Crayola Experience and Location-Based Entertainment.

Crayola LLC is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards Inc. Internationally known for the Crayola Crayon which was first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of art tools, crafting activities and creativity toys marketed for children and families.

In recent years, location-based entertainment has become a key area of growth for the Crayola brand. In his new role at the company, Pence will be responsible for overseeing the operations of existing Crayola Experience family entertainment centers.

He will also focus on expanding the Crayola family attraction platform through licensing partnerships, in addition to directing the development of location-based entertainment licensing programs.

Pence will report to Warren Schorr, the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Global Licensing & Experiences.

“Location-based entertainment is a critical pillar from which Crayola continues to innovate and evolve new ways to interact and engage with consumers,” said Schorr.

”Andy’s addition to the Crayola team in this new role will help us scale location-based entertainment across Crayola Experience and a portfolio of other concepts as we continue to build a deeper consumer relationship with the Crayola Brand.”

Prior to his current position, Pence held a variety of positions at Hallmark as he climbed the executive ranks. He has worked for the company for sixteen years total. His most recent position at the company was Vice President and General Manager for Hallmark Business Connections.

While working for Hallmark Cards Inc, Pence earned an Executive MBA diploma from the Washington University in St.Louis.