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Fashion Brand Custo Barcelona Partners With Art Ask Agency

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Art Ask Agency has added the international fashion brand Custo Barcelona to its portfolio of lifestyle licenses.

Art Ask Agency is an international licensing agency that offers complete services to licensees and brand owners. Based in Barcelona, the agency is known for working with global rights, fast turnaround, approvals, feedback, newsletters and advertising.

The agency will be showcasing the Custo Barcelona brand at Brand Licensing Europe 2022, in keeping with the fashion theme of this year’s show.

“It is a true honour to have the opportunity to work with this legendary brand and designer from Barcelona,” said Maria Strid, Owner of Art Ask Agency. “I have been a fan of Custo ever since I first set foot here, already back in 1989.”

Brand Licensing Europe 2022 is this year’s edition of the only pan-European event dedicated to licensing and brand extension. The event brings together retailers, licensees and manufacturers for three days of networking opportunities.

Created by David and Custo Dalmau, Custo Barcelona has been producing high fashion products for 41 years. The women-focused apparel brand is known for combining quality screen-printing with textiles and original designs.