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Food Licensing: Gamer Brand Hyperkin Announces Delicious Deal With Kraft Heinz

The gaming hardware producer Hyperkin has announced they will be partnering with Kraft Heinz to produce snack-related gaming accessories.

Brokered by Kraft Heinz’s licensing agency Brand Central, the deal will see Hyperkin using the most popular snack brands that have been nourishing dedicated couch warriors for decades.

“Now gamers can truly represent their favorite go-to foods like BAGEL BITES, HEINZ condiments, KOOL-AID, LUNCHABLES, KRAFT MACARONI & CHEESE, OSCAR MAYER, VELVEETA, and KRAFT DINNER (KD to our Canadian brethren) at their battlestations or on the go,” the companies said in a statement.

Hyperkin is a Los Angeles-based video game hardware developer, known for making unique and nostalgic products for both retro and modern gamers.

Recently, in collaboration with Xbox and 343 Industries (the developers of Halo), Hyperkin released three updated versions of their replica of the Duke, the original Xbox controller.

Hyperkin’s collaboration with Kraft Heinz is a monumental landmark, noted Brand Central, as it is the first time a gaming company will be releasing a line of products—widely available on the market—dedicated solely to gamer-friendly foods.

Details on the upcoming product line are coming soon.

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