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Character Licensing: Popeye Launches Eye-Poppin’ NFT Collectibles

“I yam what I yam, and what I yam is an NFT!” said comic strip icon Popeye the Sailorman this week.

King Features Syndicate announced it is launching a line of unique Popeye NFTs with TOTEM, a platform for digital fans and collectors.

The deal for Popeye’s first ever digital collection was negotiated by MJA Licensing, King Features’ agent out of France.

“Launching TOTEM UNIVERSE with a license as iconic as Popeye was a dream for us,” said Michael Temim, artistic director and co-founder. “This hero represents bravery, strength, and determination, which are the values we share at TOTEM.”

Dropping exclusively on TOTEM’s website, fans of the spinach-loving sailorman can experience the character like never before with a collection of five NFTs of different levels of rarity.

Using both blockchain and advanced 3D technologies, TOTEM’s stackable figurines are officially licensed, uniquely built, and can be purchased by credit card or crypto wallet.

The first Popeye drop will have many exciting options for collectors of all levels.

TOTEM’s Popeye collection will also have a first of its kind, unique feature that will allow collectors to “stack” up to three figurines, giving them an opportunity to let their creativity flow and bring a special uniqueness to their collection.

“We are excited to work with an innovative company like TOTEM to bring Popeye to life in a way that’s never been done before. We are always looking for fresh ways for fans to experience our beloved sailor man and TOTEM’s commitment to launching eco-conscious collectibles in the Web3 world makes this partnership even more meaningful,” said Carla Silva, VP/GM, global head of licensing, King Features.

Later this year, TOTEM will be dropping a second Popeye collection, plus additional collections starring King Features’ other characters Flash Gordon and The Phantom.

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