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Squishmallows Unveils Pokemon Plush at San Diego Comic-Con

Jazwares officially said, “Pikachu! I choose you!” this week, as the innovative toyco unveiled its new Squishmallows x Pokèmon collection at San Diego Comic-Con.

The plush collection is a collaboration with The Pokémon Company International, combining the loveable personalities of Squishmallows with the most iconic Pokémon in the franchise.

“Joining forces with Pokémon to bring fans this monumental new offering takes the Squishmallows brand to a completely new level of pop-culture coolness,” said Gerhard Runken, Senior Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Jazwares.

Pokemon remains one of the most popular brands in the world, consistently placing in the Top 5 entertainment-character properties for decades.

But Jazwares’ line of Squishmallow plush is no slouch either; the product line has exploded in popularity, and is now among the top toy properties on the planet. The Pokemon Company’s director of licensing, Amy Sachtleben, says that made Squishmallows a natural partner.

“Pokémon continues to offer new and premier ways for fans to experience and show their love for the brand,” said Sachtleben. “This collaboration with Jazwares to introduce Pokémon in the immensely popular Squishmallows expression is a perfect fit for fans of both brands. We can’t wait to see reactions at Comic-Con International in San Diego and the upcoming launch on”

Officially planned to launch this Fall on, the Squishmallows x Pokémon collab builds on each brand’s unique DNA and multi-generational appeal.

All-time favorite Electric-type Pokémon Pikachu and the Ghost- and Poison-type Pokémon Gengar will now be huggable Squishmallows, available on later this year. At Jazwares Comic-Con Booth #3513, attendees will get a first look at this exciting new plush collection before hitting

“As demand for Squishmallows continues to skyrocket, we’re thrilled to debut this exciting partnership at San Diego Comic-Con, where celebrating collector culture with fans comes first,” Added Jeremy Padawer, Chief Brand Officer, Jazwares.

On social media, Squishmallows content has officially squished through the roof, generating nearly 8 billion video views on TikTok, while @squishmallows (and related hashtags) has been tagged in more than one million Instagram posts. Additionally, the Squishmallows social media channels have ballooned to more than 986,000 followers, and nearly 100 global and local Facebook groups have been created by fans. In the Metaverse, the recently launched Squishmallows on Roblox game continues to be widely popular with players where they can collect Squishmallows virtual plush, hang out with friends, and more in an ultra-cool and colorful world.

Since Squishmallows debuted in 2017, Jazwares has released more than 1,500 unique Squishmallows to collect, ranging from two- to 24-inches in size.