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TV Licensing: MeteoHeroes Ready For Licensing In Latin America

Mondo TV’s hit show MeteoHeroes is now available for licensing deals in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mondo TV Studios says the show has been signed by a variety of distributors throughout the region. These new launches are significant announcements for the show, says Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios.

“The continuing growth of MeteoHeroes shows how its themes of respect for nature and saving the planet have enormous resonance for young viewers, but also how the show’s humour, adventure and relatable, diverse characters have a universal appeal,” says Fois. “We’re delighted to have sold this show into these key markets and are expecting to make more announcements very soon.”

MeteoHeroes features six characters, each with their own environmentally inspired superpowers, and each from a different continent.

Series one of MeteoHeroes (52 x 7’) has already been showing since March on public broadcaster Televisión Nacional de Chile and in Mexico via Mexican educational broadcast television network Canal Once. It can also be seen on public broadcaster Ser TV in Panama.

A deal has also been closed with Canal Panda for the territories of Portugal and Iusophone Africa for the upcoming SVOD launch of the series, on a non-exclusive basis, on Canal Panda’s new OTT streaming service. A launch on the channel’s pay TV service will follow at a later date. MeteoHeroes has also entered the Caribbean market thanks to its autumn 2021 launch on TVJ, Jamaica’s leading free-to-air television station.

Mondo says MeteoHeroes is the only cartoon in the world dedicated entirely to climate and environmental issues. Each episode focuses on issues related to ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six super-powered kids who travel the globe to fight climate change disasters, using their unique superhuman abilities to control weather phenomena.

Each kid represents a different continent and a different natural element.

Mondo says MeteoHeroes has been a major broadcast success for the company and is now building a retail presence. It is already viewed in 145 countries and 22 languages. In Italy it is among the most successful Cartoonito children’s series, and it has enjoyed similar success in Spain on Clan.

On April 22 the MeteoHeroes made their broadcast debut on PBS in the US with an Earth Day Special.

MeteoHeroes premiered in North America as a result of a new partnership involving Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine) and his itsy bitsy Entertainment Company (TibECo), along with the show’s co-producers. A companion series, executive produced by Kenn Viselman, is to launch in late summer 2022. The second season of MeteoHeroes (52 episodes x 13 minutes) had its world premiere on Cartoonito in Italy in April 2022.

A videogame – MeteoHeroes – Saving Planet Earth – coproduced by Mondo TV Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Gammera Nest, has been launched globally on digital platforms and is available on PlayStation and PC, through STEAM. It is expected to start launching in retail stores in fall 2022. Release dates and territories will be confirmed later this year.

The growing reach of the show into new territories, along with the release of the videogame and recently announced MeteoHeroes-inspired awards underline the strength of the MeteoHeroes brand and, of course, its important message about taking better care of our world.

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