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BeHippy Spreads Peace, Love and Licensing in Deal With L2 Brands

BeHippy, the brand that started by selling products out of a VW microbus, is now going national in a deal with L2 Brands for apparel and accessories.

L2 Brands owns League Legacy, which is a national leader in the college and resort markets across the US. The company has now entered into a license agreement for apparel and accessories, including popular “name-drop” customized headwear, apparel and home decor for the resort and destination markets.

“We have been working with League Legacy for many years as a supplier and we know their quality and workmanship,” said Leigh Pearson, one of the founders of Be Hippy. “This license is the perfect evolution of our relationship and enables us to expand the Be Hippy brand throughout the country, including the resort and destination markets where League Legacy has built such a strong business.”

The Be Hippy brand started out of a retro-painted Volkswagen minivan traveling to various Colorado festivals and has since grown to six retail locations in Colorado, including Aspen and Denver. In addition to the retail locations, Be Hippy’s website and social media reach over 5.5 million touch points every year.

Be Hippy is not your typical lifestyle brand, it is a vessel for positive change and a movement to spread peace and love, says the League Legacy team, adding that Be Hippy prides itself on quality and sustainability, and is a proud supporter of “1% For The Planet,” donating 1% of all sales to this worthy cause.

“This is exactly the type of exciting graphics our customers enjoy ordering from us!” said Mark Caropreso, VP of Destination Sales at League Legacy.

The new League Legacy Be Hippy collections will include traditional apparel and headwear as well as several sustainable items consistent with the Be Hippy mission.

“Be Hippy is trend right and a perfect pairing with our premium fabrics, growing sustainable collections and laid-back lifestyle brands,” said Lisa Norris, EVP Sales and Marketing.

The Be Hippy x League Legacy license was created by The Brand Liaison as agent for Be Hippy.

The League Legacy licensing program features Be Hippy’s retro designs and hip tag-lines that evoke emotion and promote conversation to bring about change.

The Brand Liaison says it will continue to build the Be Hippy brand through a fully integrated licensing program spreading positivity in a world that needs peace, love and licensing.

“We looked at several business expansion strategies including licensing and The Brand Liaison stood out to us as the best agency to help us meet our goals,” explained Be Hippy founders Bart O’Brien and Leigh Pearson. “They understand our brand and share our mission for positivity and sustainability.”

For more information on Be Hippy licensing, email Joy Tashjian of The Brand Liaison

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