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British Fashion Doll Sindy Picks The Point.1888 as Licensing Agent

The Point.1888 has been appointed by Pedigree to represent Sindy, a British and fashion icon that is the UK equivalent of Barbie.

The agency will represent Sindy’s brand licensing interests in the UK, as they initially look to make her 60 Iconic Years celebration huge in September 2023.

Britain’s best-selling and much-loved doll brand is aiming to be center stage on the top fashion runways as Pedigree looks to bring contemporary and retro assets into the brand’s licensing program. Ahead of Sindy’s 60-year celebration in 2023, Pedigree is looking for new partners and collaborations via its new licensing agent.

The doll was first launched in 1963 and has been synonymous with British fashion ever since, selling over 150 million dolls worldwide.

The “doll who you love to dress” has seen new ranges of dolls, clothing, and accessories launched in 2021 and 2022 by Kid Kreations, all of which encapsulate Sindy’s timeless beauty and doll play, as well as arts and crafts.

“Sindy truly is the doll kids love to play with that sparks the best of childhood imaginative play,” the agency said in a statement. “She is a best friend and role model to all her Sindy fans. The latest doll range feature’s themes including a fashion store, beauty salon, bakery, and pet parlour, but also includes a ballerina and horse rider set in a homage to Sindy’s most iconic looks.”

Matthew Reynolds, the managing director at Pedigree Toys & Brands, says the 60th anniversary seemed an ideal time to bring in top-tier representation.

“In 2023 Sindy will be celebrating 60 iconic years. To her existing fanbase, she represents one of their fondest childhood memories, we plan to expand her popularity with a wealth of new fans amongst the younger generation.” says Reynolds.  “In a very uncertain world, trusted brands such as Sindy are on-trend as people crave something they love and trust.

“Parents want kids to be kids again and Sindy truly is the doll that encourages imaginative play. We are thrilled to be working with The Point1888, an exciting agency with proven success in the kid’s category and the team behind leading brands such as LOL Surprise and Cocomelon.”

Becky Langer, Senior Commercial Manager at The Point.1888, says Sindy has an incredibly loyal following in the UK.

“Sindy is a British institution amongst both fashion and toy industries,” Langer said. “Bringing the brand on board ahead of her 60th celebration is an opportunity to showcase the strength and longevity of Sindy today. We are excited to start working on this iconic brand and deliver an ambitious and robust consumer products program that Sindy deserves.”

Reynolds says the partners are already working hard on everything from retail, to licensing, and beyond as they plan out the anniversary program.

“They have a well-structured team covering all areas including retail, best-in-class licensing partners, marketing, social media and more,” Reynolds explained. “We can’t wait to get to work on a new consumer products program that will include a range of Sindy’s unique USPs which fans relate to, including arts and crafts, fashion, personalization, scene-setters, and imaginative play, all of which will be a focus for products in the future.”

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