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Care Bears Even Sweeter With Kangaru Toys Collab

The popular kids’ brand Care Bears will be featured in a line of stationery, arts and crafts supplies from Kangaru Brands.

The innovative stationery and craft manufacturer has announced a program of licensed scented stationery, activity kits, art supplies, and more for retailers and fans to enjoy in partnership with the Cloudco Entertainment-owned Care Bears property.

“This collaboration is a great way to celebrate our 40th Anniversary!” said Cloudco Entertainment’s VP of Licensing, North America, Cristina Villegas. “Care Bears fans are inherently creative, and love to express themselves. The Kanguaru line offers something fun and exciting for everyone!”

The lines include a large variety of colorful and playful items that reflect the beloved brand’s nearly 40-year history, the partners say. Consumers of all ages will be able to enjoy the loveable nature of the Care Bears with seasonal and everyday scented items featuring mini journals, markers, pens, activity kits, stickers, chalks, bath paints, doughs, and more.

“We are thrilled to have the Care Bears brand as part of our licensed portfolio. This colorful, beloved, positive cast of characters fits in beautifully with our ability to innovate as we assign scents to each of the Care Bears”, said Joe DiPalma, CEO and Founder of Kangaru.

Care Bears licensed products by Kangaru will be available at several retailers this fall, just in time for Back-to-School season.

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