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GAP Partners on New Lines for Eyewear, Home Products

The fashion outlet Gap has announced two major new partnerships for branded eyewear and kids’ home products.

The eyewear deal sees Gap partnering with the global eyewear company De Rigo, launching their first collection of Gap-branded sunglasses and optical glasses.

“As a champion of individuality, Gap embodies a sense of modern American optimism that celebrates what it means to be your true self today,” the company said in a statement. “Gap and De Rigo have partnered together to encourage individuals to embrace their sense of style and their power of self-expression through the new Gap eyewear line.”

Created in a deal brokered by IMG, the collection will launch with a large selection of sun and optical eyewear for adults, juniors, and kids, ranging from classic frames with clean lines to more fashion-forward frames in optimistic, bold colors.

The launch collection includes three capsules: Lifestyle, Elevated Essentials, and Optimistic Color. Additionally, each pair of Gap-branded glasses comes with a hard-shell case and cleaning cloth or drawstring pouch, made from recycled materials.

Available in the U.S. starting this month (July. 2022), the new line will be available on De Rigo’s official website for De Rigo customers, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $120.

De Rigo is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of premium-quality prescription eyewear frames and sunglasses. The Group is one of the leading players in the eyewear industry thanks to retail chains General Optica (Spain), Mais Optica (Portugal), Opmar Optik (Turkey) and affiliate Boots Opticians (UK).

Thanks to the extensive wholesale network managed by De Rigo Vision S.p.A., the Group’s products are distributed in approximately 80 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and the Americas, through 18 companies and over 100 independent distributors.

Walmart and Gap launch exclusive Gap home kids line

Gap is also working with the retail leader Walmart, deepening its partnership with the launch of Gap Home Kids, exclusively at

The inaugural collection offers more than 200 items, including bedding, bath, pillows, throws, rugs and window treatments in an array of patterns and hues. The line nods to Gap’s classic chambrays, stripes and washed denim while incorporating trending prints and colorways.

Highlights from the collection include comforters and complementary sheet sets; organic cotton bath essentials with plush towels, rugs and shower mats; and area rugs and accents.

The Gap Rolls Out New Home Products Brand

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