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Pre-School Licensing: Hasbro Announces Peppa Pig Early Years Learning Program “Learn with Peppa”

Hasbro has announced a new program with Penguin Random House called Learn with Peppa, a major new brand extension to help promote early years learning.

The program will kick off towards the end of 2022 with Hasbro’s in-house developed learning app. The offering will expand in January 2023 through an extensive publishing program with Ladybird, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in English speaking markets outside of North America, with the publisher managing rights for most other languages as well.

Learn with Peppa will also offer a new range of play experiences that can help deliver educational benefits. The rollout will be supported with content and marketing plans.

“Our research has shown that families all over the world turn to loved and trusted brands like Peppa Pig to help support them in their child’s early years development and learning,” said Esra Cafer, SVP, Global Brand Management at Hasbro. “Themes of early years learning feature regularly in the show’s storylines, so the ‘Learn with Peppa’ program feels a natural expansion for the brand. We are excited to bring this initiative to life to help kids have fun and learn alongside their favorite animated characters.”

The Learn with Peppa app will provide a preschool education-based learning experience for kids aged 3-5, and their grownups, that combines the humour and appeal of Peppa Pig with a carefully crafted, learning framework to help support early childhood development and encourage kids to be active, engaged, and eager learners. It will help preschoolers embrace learning through exploration, creativity, humour and play; with learning activities that adapt to a child’s experience and development.  The app will complement the series offered by Ladybird so kids can enjoy them together and independently.

“Early years learning is such a crucial time for parents and their young ones, and we’re excited to help make those moments easier with the ‘Learn with Peppa’ program,” said Casey Collins, GM & SVP, Global Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro. “This sector opens up a huge door for the brand and allows us to create all sorts of products and interactive experiences for kids. Early education is an extremely important category for Peppa Pig, and we envision so many great opportunities to come out of this new program. I am certain families will be excited for what’s to come.”

The Ladybird publishing plan will offer more than 80 titles within its first year of launch, including phonics books in five levels, as well as novelty, board and activity books covering a range of early learning concepts. Working in tandem with the “Learn with Peppa” app, the Ladybird “Learn with Peppa” publishing program will provide engaging educational content to support every child’s early development.

Developed by early years specialists, “Learn with Peppa” provides young fans and their parents with high-quality learning support, whilst bringing the power and fun of Peppa to early years development through a full spectrum of topics structured learning experience for our worldwide fan base.

Peppa is trusted by parents to help deliver fun learning experiences for their little ones. From friendship, sharing, creative play, ABCs, weather, seasons, colours and more, early years learning is truly at the heart of Peppa Pig content and a core part of the brand’s DNA.

More information about “Learn with Peppa” will be announced in the coming months.

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