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Usborne Publishing Snags Deals For ‘That’s Not My’ Book Series

Bulldog Licensing says it has signed deals for new home and gift ranges for the bestselling British children’s book series, That’s Not My.

The series is a major pre-school hit, with more than 64 titles like That’s Not My Dinosaur, and the series has sold more than 25 million copies over its 23-year publishing history; or, more than one million average sales per year.

In fact, Usborne Publishing says that in 2020, the brand was second only to Peppa Pig in sales ranking for children’s pre-school book brands, and overall the brand was ranked 7th in children’s book brands. That’s Not My also appeared in the charts 25 times for the 36 weeks that Usborne had EPOS data last year.

Bulldog Licensing is growing an award-winning consumer products line-up for the heritage property and has recently expanded its program with two new partners.

Firstly, Icon Wall Stickers is on board to create a collection of wall stickers based on the bright, colorful and instantly recognisable characters from the books, allowing families to bring their favourite titles to life in nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

Home and giftware manufacturer, Widdop, has also signed up to partner with the popular publishing property and launched its first range this month, which includes a melamine dinner set, cushions, money boxes, wall clocks and an art frame. The company will be rolling out a Christmas range in AW21, using the seasonal titles such as That’s Not My Elf and That’s Not My Snowman for inspiration.

Since 1998, Author Fiona Watt and Illustrator Rachel Wells have created 64 titles including Easter and Christmas titles in the touchy feely series. The books are designed to foster sensory awareness and language development in babies and toddlers and have become an intrinsic part of childhood in families throughout the world. 

Sole Slater, Senior Creative Manager at Bulldog Licensing, which manages the rights for the brand in the UK and Eire, commented: “That’s Not My has become one of the most popular baby gifting products in the UK, so it makes total sense to create a range of gifting and homewares for the brand to extend that opportunity for retailers. 

“The licensing programme consists of apparel, toys, games and puzzles and homewares and has gone from strength to strength, and we’re thrilled to have these two leading licensees on board to further grow the range,” added Slater.

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