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Literary Licensing: Seven New Licensees For Percy The Park Keeper

Brand licensing specialist The Point.1888 has secured seven new licensees for heritage publishing brand Percy The Park Keeper.

Created by Nick Butterworth, the popular British publishing property has expanded its licensing program due to the continued popularity of the brand among families.

Nick worked for various major graphic design companies before becoming a full-time author and illustrator. He has sold over 20 million books in more than thirty-five languages, with Percy the Park Keeper selling more than nine million copies with long-term publisher HarperCollins.

With many of the books original readers now having children or grandchildren themselves, they are now looking to share their favorite stories with their children. This has allowed the brand to see continued growth and enabled it to bring new partners to the licensing program.

“It is great to see the love for Percy amongst people of all ages confirmed in the growth of the licensing platform. We are delighted to be working with such good commercial partners.” said Ben Butterworth. “The Point.1888 continue to do an excellent job in expanding Percy’s licensing programme and we are very excited by what 2022 and 2023 has in store for Percy and his animal friends.”

The new licensees include:

Poetic Brands – Kids & Baby apparel

William Lamb – Footwear & Accessories

Robert Frederick – Stationery, Art & Crafts, Garden

Tonies – Electric Audio Book Box

Anthem – Colouring Books

Museums & Galleries – Greetings Cards

Portico – Calendars

These agreements represent a huge step forward for Nick Butterworth’s brand licensing programme with The Point.1888, as they aim to bring his portfolio of literary properties to life through events and consumer products.

New partners will start rolling out their products this year. They will make a perfect follow-up from the recent success of the brand’s nationwide partnership with The National Trust for a family winter trail over the Christmas period.

“We’re delighted to welcome all our new licensees to the Percy The Park Keeper program,” said Olivia Wiggett, Commercial Manager for The Point.1888. “It’s such an exciting time for the brand to celebrate the quality storytelling and genuine emotion & warmth that never gets old. We can’t wait to keep growing the programme alongside Nick & Ben Butterworth and our wonderful licensees.”

As well as Percy the Park Keeper, the portfolio includes the popular children’s books My Dad is Brilliant, My Mum is Fantastic, My Grandma is Wonderful, My Grandpa is Amazing, and the Altogether Now series.

The Point.1888 focuses its expertise on matching brands with retailers and manufacturers to create new products. The company helps its clients boost revenue, brand awareness, and consumer engagement. It also donates 11% of its profits each year to charities that have an emotional connection to each collaboration.

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