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Collectible Licensing: Fanattik Inks Deal For Asmodee Game Titles

Gift and collectibles specialist Fanattik has secured a multi-territory three-year deal with Asmodee Entertainment.

The gift and collectibles company Fanattik has signed a new, multi-territory deal with Asmodee Entertainment.

Asmodee is a global leader in the board games industry, with 22 studios across three continents, and employing 2,300 people. The company has also branched out to produce digital versions of their games, making it a major player for both mobile and PC games.

Alexander Thieme, licensing manager at Asmodee Entertainment, said the partnership really started at Brand Licensing Europe last year.

“Anthony and I were of the same mind when we first started talking at BLE 2021,” Thieme said. “Fanattik’s products are both creative and of a high quality that comes at reasonable price points. When we honed in on the brands we ended up with a wider selection to offer retailers a brand spectrum. I’m delighted that we can finally announce our cooperation now and I can’t wait to see the products coming from it.”

The three-year agreement covers some of Asmodee’s biggest titles, including Arkham Horror, Legend of the Five Rings, Twilight Imperium, and Ticket to Ride, a board game that has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

The Fanattik ranges will be supplied to leading pop culture retailers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

“Tabletop gaming was already a growth area pre-pandemic, when lockdown hit demand went through the roof and continues to remain high for related product,” said Fanattik managing director Anthony Marks. “We believe we are best in class when it comes to fan-focused gifts and collectibles, so Asmodee as a market leader, is a natural partner for us and the retailers we supply.”

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