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Food & Beverage: Hut Group Launches Collection with UK Confectioner Swizzels

The Hut Group, the renowned direct-to-consumer platform, has launched a collection with Swizzels Matlow for their portfolio of brands.

Brokered by Blonde Sheep Licensing, the license includes multiple products including apparel, homewares, gift, and much more, and first launched in February with ranges on,  and sites.

Swizzels is the largest independent British owned manufacturer of sugar confectionery in the UK and is still run by members of the families who founded the business back in 1928. The company makes a range of well-known products including Love Hearts, Squashies, Refreshers, Drumstick Lollies, Rainbow Drops, Double Lollies and Fruity Pops.

“It’s great to see the range of on demand products available through various websites,” said Natasha Dyson, Managing Director at Blonde Sheep Licensing. “The Hut Group are recognised for selling the biggest on-trend brands, so we’re thrilled to be part of their portfolio which offers the opportunity to get Swizzels products directly into the hands of fans, both old and new.”

Blonde Sheep Licensing continues to investigate other opportunities for Swizzels in categories including jewellery, toys and food.

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