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Heinz Cookbook Means It’s Time to ‘Ketchup’ On Your Reading

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Penguin Random House imprint Ebury and Kraft Heinz will be publishing the first-ever licensed Heinz cookbooks.

The licensing partnership will launch with The Heinz Cookbook in May 2022, followed by four additional ingredient-led gift titles.

These gift titles will include the first official Ketchup, HP Sauce, Beanz and Lea & Perrins based books. All four of these licensed gift cookbooks will be released in late 2022 and 2023.

“This is an exciting opportunity to partner with our best-loved food brands to create iconic gift books, and develop a range of healthy and delicious recipes which will delight every Heinz fan,” said Elizabeth Bond, Publishing Director for Ebury Partnerships.

Ebury Publishing is a UK-based non-fiction publisher that serves as a division of Penguin Random House.

Kraft Heinz is represented by Metrostar and Brand Central in the UK, and by Brand Central in the US and Canada. This deal saw Elizabeth Bond acquiring international rights to the Heinz licensed properties in talks with Claire Potter at Metrostar.

Brand Central & Metrostar announce first UK Licensing Deals for Kraft Heinz

“We received a number of strong proposals for the rights to publish Kraft Heinz books but were impressed by Ebury’s vision for the brands in publishing and passion for the project,” said Potter. “We are excited to see where this partnership can go.”

Metrostar is the licensing and brand management agency that is responsible for representing several popular Heinz licensed properties in the UK with its partner Brand Central.

“Our products are loved by consumers, and we know that they are already featuring many of our brands in their day-to-day meal recipes,” said Jojo de Noronha, Kraft Heinz Northern Europe President. “The Heinz Cookbook and Icon titles will offer surprising new recipes to make exciting dishes for every occasion and the creative license to experiment with their favourite products.”

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