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Book Licensing: Miffy Inspires Apparel Collection From Hanna Andersson

The premium children’s clothing brand Hanna Andersson has launched an exclusive capsule collection based on the bestselling Miffy books.

Inspired by the globally-recognized, classic character Miffy, and available in bright, multi-color patterns and prints, designers say the collection celebrates childhood adventures, employing iconic Hanna Andersson silhouettes and animated designs.

The collection is based on the Miffy books that were born from a bedtime story tradition between father and son in The Netherlands. The award-winning illustrator and Miffy creator Dick Bruna has been coloring the worlds of readers and viewers with the character for more than 65 years. What began as a bedtime story has turned into a global best seller and lucrative licensing property. More than 85 million books have been sold in more than 50 languages, and shows based on Miffy have been broadcast via 70 television stations worldwide.

“For decades, Miffy has brought a sense of joy to homes around the world, as many children can identify with her imaginative nature and positive attitude, making Miffy the perfect companion to life’s adventures,” said Kara Carter, Chief Product Officer at Hanna Andersson. “Miffy’s love of life and embracement of new experiences aligns seamlessly with our mission to outfit the adventures of childhood every day, and this capsule collection celebrates this globally-recognized, diverse character with playful designs that kids will love.”

Hanna Andersson’s Miffy capsule collection features a shared design aesthetic and core belief in the power of adventure, discovery, and “the importance of letting kids be kids,” the company says. Miffy and friends are playfully integrated into Hanna Andersson’s timeless silhouettes in wholesome prints featuring the treasured character. Designed in-house, the comfy, cozy collection fits a range of ages, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton sleep options for babies, and short and long sleeve pajamas sets for toddlers and kids.

The capsule also provides pieces for everyday play, including graphic tees, printed leggings and made-for-play dresses. The full collection features three distinct prints in Hanna Andersson’s classic designs and reliable quality that can be passed down for years to come.

“Hanna Andersson and Miffy are a perfect partnership, representing the timeless simplicity and joy of childhood and embracing both brands’ long history of trusted product creation,” said Marja Kerkhof, Managing Director at Mercis bv, Miffy brand’s worldwide licensor. “This wonderful new collection underscores the ongoing appeal of Miffy to parents across the world and the unwavering popularity of Hanna Andersson’s high-quality children’s clothing.”

The Hanna Andersson x Miffy capsule collection is developed with Hanna Andersson’s core principles that set the brand apart, embracing childhood independence through intentional design that marries form and function for nonstop comfort, durable clothing that’s made for play, and a genuine commitment to sustainability.

The capsule collection became available for purchase online exclusively at starting Feb. 22.

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